Aircraft Sales

Please contact us if you are selling or are familiar with an "off-market" opportunity. Our clients are currently seeking the following aircraft for purchase:


Falcon 50EX

Beechcraft BE-55

Gulfstream G-550

Bombardier Global Express XRS

Bombardier Global Express 5000


Considering purchase of a corporate aircraft? First Coast Air Group offers exclusive "buyers agent" services for corporate aircraft buyers. By working closely with the FAA and our partners throughout the globe, First Coast Air Group will build an aircraft acquisition program tailored specifically to each individual client. We will evaluate your mission needs, budget and operational criteria to select the best aircraft model to fit those needs. Then we'll make a comprehensive analysis of the aircraft marketplace to help you select the airplane that is right for you. After an in-depth review of that aircraft history and maintenance we'll negotiate the transaction and protect your interests as the buyer at every step all the way to closing and beyond.


Unblock substantial capital by selling your current aircraft through First Coast Air Group with an exclusive brokers listing. We utilize a well proven method of market analysis to determine how to most effectively market and sell your aircraft while getting the most beneficial price in the marketplace. We'll tirelessly utilize a worldwide network of our closest aviation associates to make the selling process quick and efficient.


Flying is our business. We'll coordinate and manage all aspects of flying operations while making sure that it is the most safe, legal and efficient flight possible. In addition to that our courteous staff can accommodate any special requests so that your travel experience is safe, reliable and seamless for you and your employees or family.