Jet Ownership Program

"[our airplane] is one of the best time management assets in our company..."

CEO of a major construction company

Jacksonville, Florida USA

In today's hyper competetive business environment, you either do it right or you are eliminated by the competition. Today's leading and most profitable companies agree: The idea of being face-to-face with customers is necessity. The idea that your time is limited and valuable. The idea that a dollar value cannot be placed on missed anniversaries, dance recitals, and little league ball games. The idea that there are few efficient and productive ways to travel...

Enter the corporate jet. The go everywhere, do everything company transportation system. Putting your people face-to-face with customers, providing the ultimate in timely and efficient travel, making it possible to do four meetings in three cities TODAY and being home in time for that anniversary, dance recital, or little league game. All while providing a tremendous return on investment, water tight industrial security, a positive corporate image and an end to concerns of lost luggage, missed connections, center seats and crying babies.

Why do companies buy jets?

  • Key Employee Travel - Where to Mr. Chairman?
  • Providing flight to customers of your business for visit to your home office - "The full-court press"
  • Making connections to International airlines from out of the way places... You're corporate office is in Jacksonville, Fl but you need to see a customer in Joplin, Missouri this morning before your airline flight to Dubai this afternoon... Don't reschedule. Making Jacksonville, Fl - Joplin, Missouri - Atlanta, Georgia for an airline flight to Dubai, UAE with time for lunch completely possible.
  • Management team travel - Multi city, multi day tours
  • Sales calls - City to City: Door to Door
  • Humanitarian and Charitable Relief - Maximum corporate contribution
  • Customer visits - Seeing your customers on their terms, their turf means all the difference
  • Attraction and Retention of key people in the organization - Because a corporate aircraft means you are a serious market player.
  • Multi-day, Multi-city trips for marketing and sales
  • Office meetings enroute: conveying information of high importance with a need for corporate security. Try talking about your next $100 million deal during a 4 hour flight with 180 prying eyes and ears.
  • Company shuttle - Scheduled company flight- on your terms. Need ten people from the home office to an ongoing project every Monday - Friday?
  • Opportunities in distant emerging markets - Can we catch a flight from the home office to Timbuktu?
  • Construction engineering and production team travel to job sites and vendors around the globe
  • International travel ease and security
  • Getting to customers - RIGHT NOW - Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Maximum personal safety and solid piece of mind
  • Ability to operate from over 14,000 airports compared to the 600 airline scheduled service destinations. Closer to where YOU want to be.


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