Our Services

We are always working hard to identify and source quality aircraft to meet our customers needs. Right now we have an immediate need for :

Gulfstream 550 (early s/n) or priced under $35M

Cessna Citation 650 Series

Cessna Citation 560 Ultra

Beechcraft Baron 55

Hawker 800XP


If you would like to discuss the sale of your aircraft, please feel free to contact us at :




Buying or selling an aircraft is one of the most challenging prospects you may face as an individual or a business. Aircraft transactions are inherently complex, time consuming, and subject to a wide variety of regulations and special tax considerations. Utilizing our world-wide network of contacts and aviation professionals, it is our job to provide you the customer with exceptional service from your initial contact, the purchase process, to closing, flight operations and beyond. We take a step by step process to assure that every facet of your transaction is as quick and efficient as possible and that you will recieve the most accurate and honest advice and service. For that service, we deduct a small commission based on the sale value of the aircraft and we present that information up-front so there are no surprises at closing time. Again, being up-front and honest promotes our business.

Our Step by Step Process Includes: 

  • Meeting & Consultation
  • Aircraft Needs Analysis & Feasability Study
  • Aircraft Selection
  • Assistance in financing and legal representation 
  • Research into aircraft history and compliance 
  • Aircraft Prepurchase Inspection
  • Price and Terms Negotations
  • Escrow Services
  • Closing
  • Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Flight Operations Support & Management



Buying an airplane is the easy part. Selecting and training of crew members, maintenance programs, insurance, regulatory compliance, and day to day operations can quickly overwhelm even seasoned owners. That is why we offer fee based management services that can provide professional  organization, record keeping, and flight operations that maximize aircraft efficiency, economy, and convenience. And your added value? We've got the resources and contacts to make your flight department run like a well oiled machine. We have established relationships with banks, insurance brokers and underwriters, flight training organizations, fuel and facility companies and many more that help us pass on our hard earned cost savings directly to you - RIGHT NOW - you'll never hear us use the phrase "we'll figure it out as we go along"



From writing manuals for 121 and 135 flight operations companies, setting up safety and training programs, evaluating the effectiveness of your flight department of flight operations, trial testimony, or auditing regulatory paperwork- we've pretty much seen it all. If you have a need for aviation related services, chances are we can provide it.



First Coast Air Group works closely with one of the only providers of Soviet and Chinese built Mig fighters in the United States for private ownership and display. If you really want to one-up the guys at your local airport, then having your own Mig fighter might be just what you are looking for. Contact us today for information regarding ownership or flight training in a Mig or Nanchang fighter aircraft.



First Coast Air Group is working closely with foreign air-forces and the US government to develop and offer for sale an innovative and cost efficient super sonic air combat target system for live fire exercises and training missions. Instead of target drones or surplus military fighter aircraft, First Coast Air Group is developing a low-cost alternative for presenting an actual super sonic capable target for aerial interceptor training and surface to air missile testing or training. For more information, contact First Coast Air Group LLC today!



Enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassle and expense of actually owning the airplane. An exclusive club of pilots from Student Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot enjoy full access to our rental fleet of airplanes. We want to provide the pilot who has a passion for aviation the opportunity to fly different types of airplanes that he or she would normally not have the opportunity to enjoy. We also provide some exciting club benefits such as outings, sporting event tickets, pilot enrichment courses, flight training discounts, a private on-airport club room, complimentary sodas and other beverages, and much more!

Club locations are:

Craig Airport, Jacksonville, Florida

DeKalb Peachtree Airport, Atlanta, Georgia

Cessna 172P, Piper Cherokee Warrior, Beechcraft Bonanza, Piper Aztec E