Aviation Insurance

First Coast Air Group LLC is an agent of Aero-Alliance Insurance Services, Inc and provides comprehensive, competitive and customer oriented insurance services for all aviation needs such as:

- Aircraft Owners

- Charter Companies

- Maintenance and Repair Shops

- FBO's

- Airlines

- Avionics manufacturers

- Hangar Keepers

- Aircraft Financing Institutions

Colin Higgins, owner of First Coast Air Group LLC, has been a licensed aviation insurance professional for several years and has brought competitive, comprehensive and value-added changes to customers insurance experiences throughout aviation.


Now we want to be able to do that for you! Contact us for a quote on your aviation related insurance needs.

For the corporate aircraft owner or small business owner utilizing aviation - if you insure your aviation assets with us we can now offer a special program to quote your entire workers compensation risk under your aviation underwriter. Often, this can save you significantly in your workers compensation premiums. We can even create a policy which PAYS YOU if you insure with us and your company experiences no losses during the policy period. Now how about that for value-added?



For banks and other financial institutions with aircraft or aviation related risks: we have a very unique and highly proprietary insurance product for you. Developed exclusively for use by us for the benefit of our clients: we now offer a specialized bank repossession program which protects you from high costs of insuring the aircraft while in your possession from repo to delivery.


Contact us today- We want to be your insurance agent for all aviation related risks!